• Calling Startups & SMEs in Vaud, Switzerland

    The Seedstars Delegation Program to Emerging Countries is a 5-day program that enables startups & SMEs based in Vaud to implement its international expansion objectives in any of our 3 destination markets.


    70% of growth will be accounted by emerging markets over the next few years. It is fundamental for Swiss companies to access these high growth opportunities and get the first mover advantage.


    Why join a delegation?

    1. Enter a new market: get connected to the right people, access legal and financial support, find & hire talent

    2. Grow your network: find & contact the right people, promote and grow your business, learn new skills to enhance your professional brand

    3. Unlock sales opportunities: find leads and accounts in your target market, get real-time insights for warm outreach and build trusted relationships with customers & prospect

    Plus, you’ll get a complimentary ticket to the exclusive Seedstars Summit, the technology and innovation forum for emerging markets.

  • Upcoming Delegations

    Meet the experts on the ground: entrepreneurs, investors, government, corporates

    Shanghai, China

    e-commerce, fintech, IoT

    A technology and innovation center with global impact. Investors can be compensated up to 60% of their financial losses if related to investments in startups.

    When: August 20 - 25, 2017

    São Paulo, Brazil

    fintech, consumer apps, SaaS, social impact

    Along with Mexico City, it's the fintech capital in Latin America. Most banks have official open innovation programs.

    When: Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2017

    Dubai, UAE

    e-commerce, edtech, medtech, fintech, social impact

    Dubai is a major regional hub and a launching pad for businesses targeting the MENA region.

    When: September 20 - 23, 2017

  • Program @ Ground

    4 days of qualitative meetings + sightseeing

    Day 1

    First Impressions

    Land in the city and get setup at the hotel. Shake off the long traveling by exploring the city. Attend a welcome cocktail with the top startup players on the ground.

    Day 2

    Tailored Meetings for You

    From key corporates to investors, innovation centers, universities and government officials, we'll arrange 2 qualitative meetings based on your specific needs.

    Day 3

    Meet the Ecosystem

    Go sightseeing in the morning to get energy for afternoon meetings. End the day by attending the local Seedstars event and meet the city's startup ecosystem in one place.

    Day 4

    Travel Time

    Time to wrap up the Delegation. Squeeze in a final meeting before taking off to the airport and back to Switzerland.

  • Our Services


    Seedstars Delegation


    ​Learn about your target market by meeting the people that matter. We organise 3-day ecosystem tours in your target market where we host and organise meetings with key stakeholders tailored to your needs.

    Seedstars Summit


    Get a FREE pass to the Seedstars Summit held on the 6th of April 2018 where over 1000+ top investors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and startup ecosystem facilitators will be reunited in Lausanne.

    Advisory & Insights


    Access our network of experts in over 60+ markets, where we can support you in getting clarity on your innovation program and get practical intelligence to inform strategic decisions.

  • Testimonials


    '' I have attended the Seedstars Summit just because I thought this was an exciting and enriching experience.

    It was an extraordinary way to get in touch with entrepreneurs from all over the world and get an overview of trends an innovations in emerging markets. I have not been disappointed and will come next year for sure again. ''
    (Nick, Entrepreneur)


    '' We have successfully invested in new pioneering ideas in Ecuador thanks to Seedstars that made it possible to deep-dive into the entrepreneurial ecosystem very quickly. Their knowledge and network made it possible to source the right innovation that suits our business! ''
    (Michaela, CEO)


    '' I believe the concept of Seedstars is indeed unique. Together with Seedstars we have been successfully sourcing new startups in Malaysia, China and Indonesia and thanks to the advisory support, we were able to take the right decision on where and when to invest. Keep the spirit up! ''
    (Margerite, Investor)


  • Our Network

    For the past years, the Seedstars Group has built an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executes, government officials, industry experts and directors of accelerator/incubators and co-working spaces in order to facilitate the growth of high impact companies.

    Fabio Cannavale

    Group CEO


    Ana Sofia Valdiva

    Managing Director


    Hans Sturkenboom


    Blockchain Technologies

    Cllr Xanthea Limberg

    Mayoral Committee Member

    City of Cape Town

    Bright Simons



    Andrey Kolodyuk

    Founder and Managing Partner

    AVentures Capital

    Andrea Kowalski

    Investment Director

    Bailador Investment

    More members



  • Why you should consider emerging markets

    Impressive outlooks


    of growth will be accounted by emerging markets soon


    was the the B2C e-commerce turnover in Asia Pacific, representing 43% of world market share, in 2014

    by 2030

    Sub-Saharan Africa will be home to the majority of the world's population


    of all smartphones will be located in Emerging Markets, by 2020

  • We Are Present in 65+ Countries

  • They Talked About Us

  • Who We Are

    Since 2013, the Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo) of the State of Vaud and Seedstars Group, together with Lausanne Region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and Innovaud, have collaborated in supporting the vibrant innovation and technology.


    Indeed Switzerland and the State of Vaud have an economy that is largely open to the world and Europe. Exports make up almost one third of Switzerland’s gross domestic product (GDP), and 20% of output in the State of Vaud and principally to the rest of Europe. But what about the rest of the world?


    57% of the Global GDP and 85% of the world's population are located in Emerging markets (source: IMF). We believe it is fundamental that "Swiss made" companies access these high growth opportunities and this is how we count on supporting you.


    The Office for Economic Affairs of the State of Vaud


    The Office for Economic Affairs of the State of Vaud (SPECo) supports companies that are located in the State of Vaud, especially those involved in the sectors of advanced technology and industry. The Office for Economic Affairs of the State of Vaud advises entrepreneurs and puts them in contact with organizations that are appropriate to their specific needs and can also provide direct financial support.

    Seedstars Group


    Seedstars Group, a swiss-based international organisation, has for mission to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. The group's objective is to connect, build and invest in high growth companies in these regions with the support of its international network of investors, corporates, government agencies, incubators/accelerators and entrepreneurs. It is most famous for its international startup competition, Seedstars World, which is now present in over 65 countries.

  • The Team

    Nick Feneck

    Regional Manager, Asia



    Juliane Butty

    Regional Manager, LATAM



    Igor Ovcharenko

    Regional Manager, MENA



    Sofia Curado

    Project Manager


    078 914 11 60